The Green Kite Initiative - I’ve been Published!

In 2019, I was presented with the wonderful opportunity to work with Julita Pasikowska-Klica and her publishing house, Wydawnictwo Sto Stron. Her extraordinary, non-profit project The Green Kite Project aims to tell the tale of friendship across six continents.

“My goal is to spread the concept of friendship amongst children and teenagers; proving that each person and living creature deserves our respect and acceptance.  A friendship is an incredible bond between two, three or even dozens of people. No matter the nationality, age, gender or race - everybody wants to have a real friend. Friendship builds bridges and patches gaps. Zielony Latawiec (The Green Kite) is an artistic project created by illustrators from all around the world. Its aim is to create a book presenting various kinds of friendships from various cultural background from around the world”  - Julita Pasikowska-Klica

The Green Kite Synopsis:

Ania, the main heroine of the book, wonders what friendship is. He decides to release his green kite so that he can fly into the world and come back to her with stories about different countries, cultures and customs. The girl wants to learn something about how she looks and how diverse the friendship on other continents is.

I was honoured to have been chosen to represent my home country, South Africa in this project.

About My Illustration:

Cape Town has a wonderful and unique landscape as well as native wildlife. After exploring the Atlantic coast, hiking up Table Mountain and visiting our resident penguins, I was inspired to tell the story of this beautiful landscape and all it has to offer. Cape Town’s unique animals include the African Penguin and the rare Cape Clawless Otter, which act as the characters in my illustration. Hopefully they’ll spot the Southern Right Whale while they stroll along the coast and through the Fynbos (Cape Town’s unique flora) I included Table Mountain in the background as it’s South Africa’s one-of-a-kind natural landmark.

If you’d like to purchase the book, you can follow the link below!

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